Revolutionary or Restrictive?

Recently, I was posed the question, “Do you think the transformations in technology over time deserves to be called revolutionary or not?”

First off, I would like to go over several technological advances that have occurred over the years that deserved to be brought up: the telephone, television, and the networking computer. All three of these things have widely changed our world as we know it for better or worse, but the question really is, are all of these worth the adjective commonly described to them? Are these inventions indeed “revolutionary?”

In my opinion, yes, and here is my reasoning behind this statement:

The telephone was once something people used to have to compete over to stay on the line. Banks used to have to wait for days to even be able to have the line open for them. Other employees would simply read books and newspapers all day just the keep the connection all to themselves. Then we moved on the having telephone poles stretching everywhere to connect us to others, but now at the turn of the century, we may be able to have a cable that is the same width as a strand of human hair, carrying up to 3 million conversations.  Even moving past that, think about how much we can do with our mobile telephones today. We have everything we need to know at the touch of our fingertips through our smart phones and can communicate through various ways to people all over the world! Even televisions have changed the way we view things, and our computers have enabled us all over the world to have an abundance of information at our expense and to our advantage to research as we desire. We are able to publish more findings, connect and work with others who may research similar things, and even communication with others in ways we never thought possible. Therefore, we would have never been able to do such things if it wasn’t for our incredible technological advances!

All in all, I would say our technology today is very much as “revolutionary” as we think it to be.









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