Twitter Update(s)

As we all know, Twitter has been through a lot in the past couple of months with a lot of important people quitting at the same time. But many others things are looming ahead for this prominent social networking site and some of these possible changes to the site have people on both sides of the spectrum. What are these possible new changes? The first is extended the character limit from 140 to as many as 10,000. The second is changing your timeline from the tweets from say 9 hrs ago showing up first instead of the newest tweets from say 1 hour ago. Essentially, your timeline will end up being more confusing, in my personal opinion, than it was before. Last year, Twitter added the “While you were away” boxes to tell you people who you follow’s tweets appearing in a special section, instead of having to scroll all the way back to find them specifically. This link provided shows the new timeline from a tipster that sent these to The

These pictures show the differences in two subtle screenshots and the spotted changes in this tipster’s timeline.

As far as the character change from 140 to possibly 10,000, some people believe that even though they will extent that character limit, most tweets will not end up being that long. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted recently saying that Twitter never actually intended to set the character limit to 140 but that fit into the 160 SMS messaging so they just decided to stick with it. He responds to when he’s seen people taking screenshots of longer messages and then tweeting them. He says that expanding the character limit will help because it could allow “Text that can be searched. Text that can be highlighted. That is more utility and power!” However, Jack says that “tweetstorms” will never go away.

But will these two changes cause more prominent Tweeters to shy away from Twitter and stop using it entirely? Or will it allow us to connect with more people and be more accessible?


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