What is Technomyopia?

Technomyopia: is a strange phenomenon that causes us to overestimate the potential short-term impacts of a new technology.

So essentially, we always think that the next big thing in technology is going to wipe out anything before it, and we will all be doomed.

Throughout our developing of technology over the past century, we have always expressed certain fears and excitements about the future of technology ahead of us. But this hasn’t always been the case. Once TV was introduced, everyone was so afraid that this new advancement would entirely wipe out radio as a whole. But it in fact did the opposite, TV was created by using building blocks that radio had provided.

Back in the 1970’s, we had three main industries pumping out information simultaneously: Broadcast & Motion Picture Industry, Print & Publishing Industry, and Computer Industry. But after the Internet became a widely available resource to everyone, more people began using the internet to converge all of these industries together. So now, businesses didn’t have to use just one medium to reach their customers, but all three at the same time! This transformation came about in the 2000’s and continues today with all three of the industries combined to make up the Internet.

The only downfall to having all of these industries combined is that if one falls, all of them will fall together. This is called the Chaos Theory. And this is why we must be cautious about the present, but not let that inhibit our excitement for the future.

As they say, the best is yet to come.


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