Online Music in Trouble

According to new posts from, numerous music websites such as Pandora and Soundcloud could go under soon if things don’t change and change fast.

Soundcloud and Pandora are different from each other as far as providing music, but both seem to be struggling financially. It is rumored that Pandora is up for sale. Soundcloud is different from Apple Music and Spotify in that artists can upload music or broadcasts all by themselves, for free, without the hassle of legal documents or a middle man. In order for music to be uploaded to Spotify, people usually have to pay their middle men like CD Baby or Tunecore to upload their music to Spotify for them.

Soundcloud has become a popular place for up and coming musicians to upload their music straight from their device. Losing Soundcloud would be a major blow to new musicians, but also for popular artists who may have not copied their work onto another device. If Soundcloud did indeed crash, then all of the music ever uploaded would disappear along with the website.

However, an organization called Archive Team has been looking at helping Soundcloud for a while in hopes that they can save people’s work from disappearing entirely. Archive Team has always kept to its goal of preserving the web and managing sites from being obliterated along with their uploaded masterpieces.

But as Wired. com reminds us all, not everything lasts forever, not even the Internet. Now that is a scary thought.



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