“Internet Super Two-Way”

Everyone knows that since the invention of the Internet, everything about our daily lives has changed drastically. The main question becomes: Is convergence transforming the nature of mass communication and leading us to re-examine the term as a whole?

The 3 main aspects of mass communication that have changed dramatically is the relationships between organizations and their audience, daily personalized content, and the dominating buisnesses in the industry.

In the early analog stages of media, most of the communication was entirely one way: from the source to the audience. But now with the digital age, the audience is able to communicate back and forth with their sources. For example, more people now a day will look at reviews of a restaurant on Yelp! before checking out the restaurant themselves. This allows the restaurant to determine how happy customers are with the establishment, or what they can change to make it better. With the more direct lines of contact between sources and their audience, the media has been able to more personally watch their audience. This, to them, is a wonderful new accomplishment but for the rest of us? Not so great. Have you noticed how anytime you search something on Google or check out a website, then annoying ads starting popping up directly linked to the website you just visited? These are called Cookies. This is also another way that your source can tailor themselves to track your behaviors, tendencies, and habits. The other new change to the media industry is the fact that there is a large oligarchy when it comes to who provides these internet services. Comcast is one of the leading internet provider in the US. This, to them, is the best thing possible, but to most of the United States is the worst. Since they are dominating the industry by being one of the leading providers, they can set the prices however they want due to the fact that they have little to no competition.

The Internet is no longer a single road, but a fast-paced two lane highway that is constantly under construction.








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