Apple vs. FBI: all or nothing.

On Tuesday, according to Mashable. com, a judge ruled Apple must give the FBI a certain type of software that would be able to bypass the security of an iPhone 5c used by one of the killer’s in San Bernardino, California last December.

Apple refused this request saying it “would set a ‘dangerous precedent’ for government data collection and put the security of all iPhone users at risk.” This debate has always been on going between Silicon Valley and Washington over what information companies have to supply in order to help in monitoring for future terrorist attacks.

While most politicians and government agencies may see Apple as the enemy in this case, to others, Apple is showing how far it will go to stand up for its customers. As anyone knows, Apple is one of the largest companies of our age, and will not back down without putting up a fight. According to Susan Federspiel of Landor, Apple is “taking a principled stand right now and they’re really gambling that this strong pro-privacy, pro-security stance will reinforce the trust that consumers have in the brand.”

Apple originally sought out to be “the computer for the rest of us.” But as many of us have noticed recently, Apple dominates the smart phone industry by a significant margin, “routinely pulls in more cash than any company in the history of capitalism and teams with some of the most exclusive luxury brands.”  So the question is, who will win between our government’s FBI, or Apple? If Apple does not win this civil suit, it will probably mean the end for them.





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