New Media Gone Global

According to my recent readings, in the eighties and nineties, big media corporations were “typified by domestically owned radio, television, and newspaper industries.”

Viacom CEO Sumner Redstone puts it this way, “Companies are focusing on those markets promising the best return, which means overseas. ” Back before the Unites States was dominated in many industries by large conglomerates, there were more privately owned companies that lobbied to keep the industry flowing by increasing competition.

However, times have changed drastically as more and more companies are either dying out altogether or being merged with or bought out by larger, more expansive companies. First tear companies are too big to be bought out by other, but second tear companies have only one motto to live by, “Expand or die.” “Like second tear media firms elsewhere, they are also establishing global operations, especially in nations that speak the same language.”

Although more companies now are looking to expand more overseas where they may have more success, more companies outside of the US rely on us to keep their economy and exports increasing. China is an example of this. China has seen us as the prime example and started to rise alongside us to become another huge player in expanding themselves to show their international potential.



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