Mobile Conquering The World

According to, adapting their article delivered to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the average person today spend about 11 hours on their phone.

Advertising is playing a huge role on mobile devices today and companies that think it is just an extension have another thing coming. Mobile ads can be shown through home base searches, social media, and even videos. “For marketers, mobile is our industry’s greatest opportunity and one of our biggest challenges.”

The 5 most important trends for marketers this year:

  1. 5G: In 2014, the amount of video streaming from a mobile device increased 30% and will continue to grow. 5G will  make downloading apps instantaneous fast and make high definition video streaming “lightning fast.”
  2. Virtual Reality: Everyone now a days are getting into virtual reality from Hollywood Studies to gamers using Oculus Rift gameplay. “Technology research firm Juniper expects VR device sales of more than three million in 2016, growing from there to around 30 million units by 2020.” Just like mobile streaming, virtual reality is becoming the next “big thing.”
  3. Ad Blocking: “Adobe and PageFair found that people who use ad-blocking software grew 41 percent last year to 198 million active users worldwide: We aren’t giving them a quality mobile experience.” And in a survey poll taken by Re/code, more than 60% of people like ads that tell a story rather that straight sell the product. For example, Youtube Red, to pay a little bit more you can see more videos, not have adds, and get to access more of Youtube.
  4. Mobile Banking: With the kickstart of mobile banking created by Apple Pay, more people are wanting to make mobile transactions as easily as possible. Samsung Pay, the buy app included in most ads on social media, and Visa pay are all closing the gap and making commerce from mobile shopping increase. “Such convenience is one reason why mobile commerce is projected to increase 205 percent to $626 billion by 2018, according to Goldman Sachs.”
  5. Software Updates: This need for new software can be seen by the rising in VR headsets and augmented reality platforms. Companies can stop seeing a rise in messaging enabled games and see an increase in interactive gaming in VR.

Mobile has already come a long way so far by expanding more devices to have more capabilities such as streaming and more gameplay options. These corporations, while not being able to see the exact future for mobile, have a clear idea of what’s ahead, and can work together to give mobile users more of what they want; more opportunity, more utilities, and more sharing.



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