Web: A Communication System

In my recent reading, John December traces the origins of the Web and describes the different functions of the Web. December refers to the web as a “communication system.” But what exactly does he mean by that? He uses the example that many people forget that the Web is just an application that “uses the Internet for data communication.” Ultimately, the Web has become the way to organize information, communicate with others, and interact with others using it on a global scale.

The Web is the way by which we can do a variety of other things. Like December says, it is merely an application by which we can accomplish other things, but many people forget that. The Web supposedly started by wanting people to be able to share text and files across all platforms from many different computers. And also to create hypertext: users being able to follow links through a path to find their information needed.

Even before the web became widely available to the public, people have always wanted to find more ways to communicate with one another and to be able to find the information quickly to answer their questions. The only thing different from now and back then is that we can now share information with more people than by just word of mouth from our One- to – One pattern to a new One- to – Many pattern all through help of the web. But why refer to the Web as a “communication system” instead of a “textual database” or other terms? I believe it is because not only can we find the facts about what we want, but we are also opening ourselves up to others people reviews and personal opinions along the way. We refer to the Web as a communication system because that is precisely what it is; a communication system. The only difference is that we are communicating way more information that just scientific files or low quality pixelated images, we are sharing our lives though text, pictures, and videos; all which are manners of communication between us as humans.



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