Trump Rally Causes Fight

According to author, Jonathan Ellis, reported that at Donald Trump’s rally on Saturday in Arizona, seemed relatively calm. However, his next event in Tucson was a whole other issue.

A video was released by NBC News’s Frank Thorp V, a man appearing to punch and kick a protestor while security people were leading him away. Another video below the first was videoed by a protestor to show “how crazy it would be.” Apparently, “The protester is holding a poster with an image of Trump when the man rips it out of his hands, then punches him.”

The man who threw the punches was led away by security personnel. The protestor was interviewed later by newspaper Arizona Star Daily. He identified himself as Bryan Sanders and claimed that “Trump is bad for America.” “‘The guy grabbed the sign out of my hand as I was being escorted out of the building, and sucker-punched me,'” Sanders said.

 This scene reminds me of the Trump rally from last week where a white man sucker-punched a black protestor while being escorted up an aisle. On Saturday in Tucson however, the protestor appears to be white but the man punching and kicking him appears to be black. At the same rally, Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was captured on video grabbing the protestor’s collar who had caught the attention of a Trump campaign security guard. The video of this alleged incident was captured by Jacqueline Alemany of CBS News. A statement later went out stating that the protestor had done the collar grabbing instead of Mr. Lewandowski but the video footage does not lie.
Several people are questioning, why was Trump’s campaign manager even in the stands anyways, and why did he feel the need to go to this protestor specifically?
We shall never know. But the moral of the article is, people are always watching, and don’t believe for one second that people aren’t going to record what they want. So no matter how you try to spin the lie, the video proof will always be much stronger than anyone’s spoken word because video shows physical, hard proof.

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