Autism Helped Through Apps

Autism is a disease that affects 1 in 68 children in the world according to the CDC. For most autistic children, speaking is a struggle. Today, more than 13 apps are now available in the App Store on Apple products from the iPad to an iPod touch that can allow these children to communicate better using apps to better enable their communications with others.

One of the more common apps used to help people with autism is called Proloquo2Go made by AssistiveWare: this app “can be customized to best fit the needs of individual users.” People can customize phrases put into different columns and select which phrase they would like to play such as “please”, “thank you”, or even “Mom.” This app was used in the UK by a child named Ruby. In her case it has helped significantly. Her teacher, Pauline Hoy Green, says in the video that Ruby would hit her up to 30 times each day, but since having the iPad, her behavior has improved 95% and she had not been hit all day. Ruby’s mother says that this technology enables Ruby to have a voice and describe through the words and pictures what she wants to communicate.

With all these apps becoming available to more and more people with the technology of Apple, more people with autism will be able to communicate better with everyone and won’t make them as afraid of not being able to be heard. For adults with autism as well, these apps can help with communicate if they go to a cafe for example, they can communicate with their waitress and tell them what they would like to order. This technology isn’t only better for people with autism personally, but their families and friends around them. Normally we think of technology as now a days becoming a bad thing, but we must remember that all the technology we currently have can change at anytime and can continue to grow!

Ruby’s Case:



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