WARNING: Incoming Encryption Law

A bill has been raging though the courts and media, and already Silicon Valley is completely against it.

This bill “would require companies — from makers of “communications” devices like iPhones to secure messaging tools like WhatApp — to turn over information in response to a judge’s order.” This potential law was brought about after the recent starting of the San Bernardino FBI v. Apple case. This bill is essentially the Big Brother looking over communication apps shoulders and telling them they can either do it the government’s companies way, or the highway.

This law has a certain amount of lacking of technological solutions because it says that companies must simply hand over their information, or provide the government with technical assistance. It has the “no person is above the law” kind of tone.

But as Daniel Castro of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation says, “While companies should comply with lawful requests, it is simply not possible for a company to do so when a customer controls the only keys used to encrypt data.” So it becomes abundantly clear that this case, just like the Apple case, that the government thinks they can bully companies into helping them in a court case. But in reality, what they don’t realize, is that most of these apps or phones now a days used, are to some extent password protected or encrypted already. This means that, according to Daniel Castro, this bill is setting itself up to further cause confusion like in the FBI v. Apple case and will ultimately cause more harm that good.

As Gaurav Laroia, general counsel for the Free Press says, “If this dangerous bill passes, it would outlaw not just end-to-end encrypted communications but also the tools that protect our information from criminals, hackers and foreign governments working to undermine the security of millions of people and businesses. Our right to privacy should extend beyond in-person conversations to include communications made via the Internet and wireless networks. Encryption is the tool that makes this possible.”

So the question still remains, how far would we go to protect our privacy, and how willing is the government to know everything about us from our texts, emails, browser searchs, telephone calls? The answer is? They are getting greedy, now they want EVERYTHING.

Source: http://recode.net/2016/04/08/senate-draft-encryption-bill-dangerous/


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