Chapter 11-3; Question 1

I was posed this question after reading an article by Lawrence Lessig where he claims that “digital tools” are “dramatically changing the horizon of opportunity for those who could create something new.” His question is: Are we restricting future creators by copy writing everything they can make money off of, or should we move towards a more free future?

As Lessig describes we are currently, due to the introduction of the WWB (World Wide Web), more things are becoming more readily available to us, legally or illegally, as far as content goes. He determines although we have no idea what the future of the internet holds, even the creators don’t know, we can still see glimpses of the future just ahead. “Yet there are elements of this future that we can fairly imagine. They are the consequences of falling costs, and hence falling barriers to creativity. The most dramatic are the changes in the costs of distribution but just as important are the changes in the cost of production. Both are the consequences of going digital: digital technologies create and replicate reality much more efficiently than nondigital technology does. This will mean a world of change.”

This being said: do we as a society have too many copyrights and restrictions on new creators to where they feel they cannot express what they want without being fined, or told that someone else already had that idea? Are we limiting ourselves as well as future creators by claiming more things than necessary?

And if so, what can we do to open up more doors to others and allow them to express themselves as well? Lessig says the answer is more free. “This is not a new question, though we’ve been well trained to ignore it. Free resources have always been central to innovation, creativity, and democracy.” Lessig is suggesting that we make companies and artists  allow more of their material to be free and easily accessible to the public’s use and further happiness.




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