Has Technology Gone Too Far?

Have you ever suspected a partner or spouse may be cheating on you? Worried that your pet may be jumping on your bed without you knowing?

Well, hello Durmet Smarttress! This Spanish-made mattress that can send a ping to your smartphone whenever your mattress is “in use.”

The Internet met this mattress with a lot of skepticism as to if it was even real, but the company spokesperson Antonio Muiño said Durmet Smarttress is, indeed, a real business and has been making sleep-related items since 2012. You may be asking yourself who is wanting to buy this type of mattress? Apparently multiple buyers according to the company, but they declined to say how many in total.

Although Spain is not the top European country when it comes to infidelity, Durmet is making a wise but bold movie by selling this type of technology. The question is, has technology gone too far when it comes to invading people’s homes, or does this just go to show how much, even couples and partners, cannot ever truly trust each other?

The app can send you information about your mattress’s happenings such as its speed, and intensity and impact per minute, and can also show pressure points. This can show if your dog, or potentially a cheater could be in your bed.

As Durmet concludes it includes their ad statement,”“If your partner isn’t faithful, at least your mattress is.”

Source: http://recode.net/2016/04/17/smart-mattress-bed-sex-cheat/



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