Microsoft stops cash funding for GOP Republican Convention

Microsoft has said it will not provide cash support for the 2016 Republican National Convention a decision it says was made long before being pressured by advocacy groups began pressuring it to withdraw. Fred Humphries, Microsoft’s Head of Government Affairs, said the “software giant” will be providing technical support for the GOP convention and says they will not be changing any of their planned activities at the convention. However, Microsoft says the National Democratic Convention will have the same access to its products, but that it also plans to sponsor it.

The advocacy group Color of Change has been advocating that Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and other large corporations to withdraw sponsorship of the GOP Convention led by Donald Trump, “arguing that it equates to endorsing the candidate’s charged rhetoric.”

Color of Change is also petitioning Google to “Dump Trump,” however Google still says it will still live stream the convention. Color says this is a huge step toward improvement since the 2012 convention when Microsoft donated about $1.5 million which came from direct donations. Color of Change Executive Director Rashad Robinson says it is asking companies such as Microsoft and others to stop advertising their products during the live-stream and also commercials at the convention.

The convention is said to take place in Cleveland on July 18 of this year.



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