Twitter: Blessing or a Curse?

Social networks have come a long way since the days of MySpace, one of the leaders of this new age of technology and social media is Twitter. Twitter officially launched on March 21, 2006, after Jack Dorsey became obsessed with this idea of “status,” letting others know what you’re up to. By fall of 2006, Twitter had over thousands of users. The Twitter that started back then has changed and morphed over the years has it has grown and expanded into what it is today.

Now, most people use Twitter to tell people their thoughts on issues or to update them on what’s happening. That has mostly remained the same but more people are using Twitter to sell products, to troll others, or to entertain, and many others. But in my personal Twitter experience, I have seen these three methods of using Twitter popping up more and more.

Selling products is a major business on Twitter whether it’s makeup, clothing, phones cases, you name it! You can probaby find a use trying to sell it. But how do you know if this account is REALLY trying to see you something, or just scamming you? You have to use your best judgement. Personally, I have known several classmates or friends to have bought something off of Twitter. My advice? Use your common sense and do your research. (

Entertainment is more of a personal taste for what interest you personally as you can follow accounts that post tweets you find entertaining as to see those types of tweets more often. For example, I follow a lot of animal Twitter account such as @CuteOverloads which posts photos of adorable animals that make me smile as well as @BabyAnimals. I love dogs more than most people I know, so getting to see more pictures of doggies and other small animals is fine with me.


Trolling has been around since the beginning of the Internet and before then. Trolling can be from photos that you have to click on a link to see, to someone tweeting a whole story about going to get a McDonald’s milkshake at 2 am like Josh Raby did in April. In my personal opinion, trolling is best when you can’t tell if it’s real or if it’s fake like in Josh’s story. (He later declared he did go get a McDonald’s milkshake at 2 am, but the rest of the story was make up) However, he got several thousands if not millions of people’s attention by developing a storyline, characters, and using strong language including some wild swear words to make it all seem more believeable. (Source:

Whether you have seen these instances of Twitter being used to either troll, sell, or entertain,  we all can agree that Twitter has cahgned. Twitter as a whole has been morphed into a way to keep up with current trending topics, but also to connect with others, including celebrities in a more personal way. Drama, selling, crisis, trolling, entertainment, and more? Just browse Twitter.



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