Media and Messages – Week 1

2017 has begun! I am still furthering my education in what exactly it takes to be a New Media Communications major at MTSU, and also trying to figure out what path within communications I would like to pursue a career in. I have had Todd O’Neill as a professor before and thoroughly enjoyed his teaching so I am excited to be in his class again this year. Media and Messages is a class both Todd and I believe everyone should take because the majority of what we are learning can pertain to any field of study since communication in any field is very important. This first week we have already discussed audiences and persuasion and how these two subjects are interconnected. Audiences are very important in any field because you need to be very aware of who you are speaking to as part of a company or even a small business,  and you need to know who you are trying to reach and what your audience needs from you as a company.

I have been told that my major, New Media Communications, may actually no longer be called that in the distant future, however, I cannot remember the other name MTSU plans on calling it. I have enjoyed what classes I have had at MTSU regarding New Media, but I am also unsure exactly how to describe what my major is in fact about truth be told. I am wondering what I,as a potential content creator, want to pursue as a career in the communications field. And that is where the uncertainty settles in because communications as a major provides an array of opportunities for employment because our environment is ever changing with new job possibilities, however, because technology is ever increasing along with people’s vast ability to be self-taught in certain skills, the job market could potentially shrink.


One Reply to “Media and Messages – Week 1”

  1. i dont have much on topic to say except “good luck with it.” i only commented because i was on your campus many (many) years ago for a programming competition. it was so much fun. say hi to mtsu for me– and good luck 🙂


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