Week 2 Progress

This week in class we discussed other topics related to our audience and how to identify them whether as numbers or as individuals. We discussed the difference between demographics and psychographics as well. Demographics being the easiest way to group your targeted audience by knowing key pieces of information such as age, ethnicity, sex, income, size of family, religion, geographical location, social media usage, and other such examples. However, psychographics looks beyond numbers to try and uncover what the audience is thinking, feeling, their attitudes, lifestyles, and motivations are. Demographics are much easier to find as a company than psychographics because psychographics you need to understand each member of your audience as individuals instead of numbers and statistics like in demographics.

We also this week in class discussed how audiences can receive certain messages from the media. For example, War of the Worlds came on the radio and caused a mass panic because everyone who listened to the radio believed they were indeed being attacked by aliens, this is an example of the “Hypodermic Needle” effect. Media messages are received by the audience and accepted, because at the time, the radio was their main source of entertainment and information.

However, as we continue through this class of Media and Messages, maybe I will be able to come up with a clearer way to describe my major and try to understand what part of communications I believe best goes along with my personal skills as a content creator.


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