Weekly Progress Report

Spring Break is over and you know what that means? Back to work, sadly. We have just recently been starting on our new project that is a step further than our last project. We are using the same skills of researching, knowing our audience, but this time taking it further and adding social media to it and adding in focus groups.

My partner and I are very similar in that we are more introverted than extroverted and we wanted to come up with a project that would be something my partner and I would actively look for if it were us. Introverts like to listen more than they like to speak, but sometimes they really want to help, but not front and center. Being an introvert on a college campus can be tough when it comes to being in class, interacting with classmates or teachers and just in general.

As of right now, partner and I are putting together a survey to be taken by kids on MTSU’s campus to better help us understand our audience. We have come with a suitable amount of questions we believe will help us get to know our audience better and get to know them a little better.

This new project is a step up from our last project which is good and bad. It is good in a sense that we are building on skills we already have learned, however, it is bad in the sense that is our final project and shall take a lot of time to work on and finish which can be stressful as it comes close to the end of the year in terms of finals and such.

More to come as life goes on!





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