Traveling Abroad

Everyone likes to travel. Whether it be out of your county to hike a trail or out of the country for business or on holiday vacation. I firmly believe that everyone should get to travel at some point in their life whenever possible.

For me personally, I have been fortunate enough to get to travel to lots of different places with my family such as Cozumel, Mexico, Austria, Paris, Rothenberg, and many other places. In traveling to these various locations, I have learned a lot of things along the way about other cultures, living conditions, personal experiences, and much more. Soon my family and I shall be heading to Australia and New Zealand and I am so excited! Some people get intimidated by the idea of traveling in general whether that be driving or flying. I know I have certainly taken for granted how many wonderful places I have gotten to visit throughout my life so far. To put my traveling experience into perspective, my father didn’t travel out of the country until he was 28 and that was only to Canada. I was lucky enough to travel to Cozumel, Mexico to visit our dear friend Chanti at the young of 8 in 2005. It is amazing to me that I got to travel out of the country at such a young age while my dad didn’t get to travel until he was an adult.

According to a study posted on Psychology Today by Art Markman Ph. D., a study taken looking at the prolonged psychological differences between German students who traveled abroad versus those who did not, shows that students who traveled abroad returned more open to new experiences, more agreeable, and more emotional stability than those who did not travel. Along with this knowledge, traveling abroad also gets you out of your comfort zone and allows you to see how different people live in different cultures from language, mannerisms, and food. I know for me particularly, it was very eye opening to travel in the more rural areas of Cozumel and see the contrast of poverty between them and poverty in the U.S. Some houses did not have doors, their bed was a hammock, their floor was dirt, and any number of people could be living in the confines of one room all together.

So whether you have never flown before, never left your county, or never traveled out of the country, it is never too late! Seeing the world outside of your bubble is an experience you will never forget from the architecture, culture, and photos you take. You change as a person. You see the world from a new perspective and use these experiences to influence your thinking and how you view the world and the places you’ve traveled.

So whether you have never left your county, or already left the country, travel as much as you can! I have never heard anyone say, “Wow, traveling is such a waste of time, and I had a horrible time and learned nothing.” It just doesn’t happen. You will not regret traveling, and I never have personally. So if you are given the opportunity to travel abroad whether that be for a mission trip, for work, or for fun, go for it! You will not live to regret it or the memories you created along the way.

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