Getting to Australia

We started Tuesday off by getting up early and making sure to have completely packed the night before. We woke up knowing we would have a 5 Step Journey ahead of us. The 5 Step Journey looks a little something like this:

5 Step Travel Plan

  1.  Drive to Atlanta
  2. Fly from Atlanta to LAX
  3. Fly from LAX to Sydney
  4. Fly from Sydney to Gold Coast
  5. Rent a car and drive to our Air B&B in Gold Coast

Driving to Atlanta was no big deal between coloring, sleeping, or listening to my new Stephen King ebook 11.22.63. I am used to driving from home back to MTSU and that isn’t even bad. So driving to Atlanta, while it was longer, was not bad at all.

Flying from Atlanta to LAX at 4 hours or so was also not bad. I decided to watch some movies as well as the updated X-Files episodes. I was more nervous about my flying from LAX to Sydney than anything else.

For anyone who doesn’t like being on a plane for long periods of time, I would not recommend flying from LAX to Sydney for you then. I have been on decently long flights, but I have never been on a flight that was 15 hours. Between falling asleep while trying to watch a movie, to intentionally falling asleep or taking a nap, our time left on the plane seemed to drag on. When I first boarded the plane, the First Class cabin had small compact beds to lay down in with a pull out screen in which to watch their programs. Needless to say, between trying not to let my legs cramp up or fall asleep to actually trying to sleep, I would definitely have loved a bed more than a slightly leaned back seat, but I managed.

After we landed in Syndey, we had a little bit of time to kill in the airport before our flight to Gold Coast that would be at 11:15 pm our time. One thing I am already loving about Australia is that it is SO vegan/vegetarian-friendly! Melbourne is actually in the Top 10 list of most vegan-friendly cities in the world! Taking Virgin Australia to Gold Coast was only an hour and a half and with a quick nap and a couple word searches, we had landed.

Finally, we napped for a couple of hours and got ourselves settled, we then decided to get dinner with our family out at a place called The Collective. Basically a common sitting area, but there are multiple menus so you can order from whichever restaurant you like, all in one location! They even had a two column menu for Vegans and Vegetarians that included salads, chips (fries, to us Americans), and vegan cheese pizza. That is one of the best vegan pizzas I have ever had! A waitress asked me how I liked the pizza and asked if I was a vegan too. I told her I was and had been since August and she recommended another wonderful place to eat not far from our house here in Gold Coast.

Overall, tired and exhausted, Australia has already amazed me with its eating choices, it’s driving on the right side of the car but the left side of the road, and also its stunning views out my airplane window. Cannot wait to have an amazing new day here tomorrow!

– Sincerely,



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