Day 1: Byron Bay Lighthouse and Palm Valley Beach

Today was a wonderful first day in Gold Coast, Australia! I’m sure everyone must be asking if I am adjusted to the time difference as well as used to the jet lag. The truth is, I am. Besides waking up at 4 am with a pounding headache, going back to sleep was no problem.

We woke up this morning and headed out with our family to Byron Bay and also to see the Byron Bay Lighthouse. This lighthouse is the brightest in all Australia, and the LED bulb inside it cost at least $10,000 dollars. The light was originally made in France and shipped in 445 pieces to Australia. The lighthouse oil lamps used to have to be re-litevery hour and the crack would have to be wound in order for the light to turn. Up until 1989, the lighthouse was maintained by workers but then switched to be all computer run.

After taking the lighthouse tour with my sister, uncle, father, and cousin, we climbed down and started further down the cape to see better views and more of the coast. The cliffs were so steep and the water so blue! Around the lighthouse was particularly calm because no commercial fishing, jet skiing, or boats of any kind are used around the cape because there are no boat docks. Wind whipping through our hair, we continued down the cape and actually ventured off the path a little to get to climb on some rocks and to take more photos. We were constantly going from hot to cold with added wind. We were either taking our jackets off or putting them back on in the shade.

After we drove down from the Cape, we decided to stop and get some lunch in the village below and found a wonderful Mexican restaurant with the most amazing Mexican mandarin orange soda pop and stopped to get some vegan gelato. I got 2 scoops, one of lemon, and one of mango with passion fruit mixed in. Best vegan gelato I’ve ever tasted by far!

Finally, we then drove from Cape Byron to Palm Valley Beach for a little beach and sun despite it being about 65 degrees including the wind. We wanted to stay on the beach until the sunset to get a spectacular picture, but it was getting too cold and we were ready to head back to our Air B&B house anyways.

Day 1 of Gold Coast complete! Wonderful views, temperatures I love (60s-70s), wonderful vegan gelato, and Mexican burritos, what’s not to love about Australia? If I were ever to move somewhere else besides the United States, Australia, specifically Melbourne, would be my first pick. It is listed by The Independent as one of the Top 10 Cities for Vegan Travelers, and I will certainly have to visit there if I shall ever return to Australia.




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