Day 2: Hiking in Gold Coast

Today we hiked at Springbrook National Park and decided to do the Twin Falls hike that was around 3 miles to the falls itself. We ended up hiking further into the rain forest due to the nice weather and the fact that the trail actually extended on past the falls anyways.

We first headed out towards the National Park which was about 20-35 minutes away but decided to stop nearby to pick up some early lunch to take with us on our hike as a sort of picnic. Pita Pit wasn’t open yet so we decided to get Subway instead. I saw beetroots on the menu but was disappointed to learn they actually didn’t have any beets to get. 😦

The difference from hiking in the rainforest of Australia versus say the forests of Bays Mountain were significantly different. First off, the canopy of trees in the rainforest made the temperatures much chillier and had less light hitting the bottom of the jungle floor. Secondly, the change in elevation and terrains including lots of switchbacks was a second striking difference. There were so many different types of flowers, trees, and wildlife in the jungle, but not much wildlife that we got to witness. We saw a sign indicating to not touch the leaves on the edge of the trail because some of them could sting you as a defense mechanism to protect the trees of the undergrowth. However, I, thankfully, did not get stung by any of these said “stinging leaves.” I tweeted during the course of eating my Subway lunch next to the two falls, “just eating lunch next to two waterfalls, no big deal.” Another cool feature of the falls was the fact that you could go behind them and take photos as well as a little wet if you got too close to the second tinier falls. I took tons of photos of the foliage around me and posted a few on my Instagram to show to the great beauty of the hike itself.

Finishing up the hike was a wonderful feeling and so was looking through all the gorgeous scenery photos we took along the hike itself. It was definitely more strenuous than Bays Mountain, but it wasn’t the hardest hike I have ever done in my life.

Sorry for the late upload! More to come!




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