Lovely Little York & Durham

First off, I would like to formally apologize for not having updated you all on exactly what’s going on with me and my travels. As many of you know, once you start to travel, the tiredness and the constantly moving gets to you; it’s hard to want to do much but sleep. However, I will try to give a summary of what’s happened since the last time I wrote.

York: Since we only were staying in York for one night, we knew we would not have much time to go out or to really have time to see many sites since we only had 1 evening and one night there. We first got to York around in the evening since we had been in Durham earlier that day after boarding our coach then stopping to explore Durham for a bit. Durham Castle is supposedly where some Harry Potter scenes were filmed, however, the castle was closed for a private function. However, I did manage to get a photo to give you a look which I will insert here.

Later that night after seeing Durham, we drove more on our coach till we got to our hotel in York. York is a really cute town with lots of little shops, restaurants, and even a little wall around part of the city. There was a completely gluten-free and vegan restaurant called El Piano that was marvelous. I got an entirely vegan burger with some vegan chocolate ice cream as well and took it back to eat in my room with my friends Nathan, Rachel, Jaylene, and Caitlynne. I took a lovely little walk complete with a beautiful bridge and a river full of lily pads and lovely yellow flowers. A phrase I have gotten used to saying since coming on this trip is, “Oh look, another church/castle.” They are everywhere and are all beautiful in their own way whether they be big or small.

When I was walking to get my burger and ice cream, I passed a church and what looked like a demonstration was going on with signs about feminism and equality. It turned out to be part of a demonstration by the local theatre about the suffragettes of York and their fight for the right to vote back in the day. I did not get to see this production due to our one day in York, but I’m sure if I had more than one day, I would have been there. Feminism is my stuff.

Going back to Durham for a second, I saw the most dogs I have seen on this trip so far there! I met and pet 7 dogs who were all beautiful and gracious puppers. Seriously, dogs are too majestic. What did we as humans do to deserve them? Their names were Barrett (Whippet), Allyah (Golden Retriever), Molly (White Westie), Charlie (Brown Westie), Bonnie (English Setter), Annie (Yellow Lab), and Connie (French Bulldog.) 14/10. Dogs are the best things ever. I want to pet all of them. If you couldn’t tell I love dogs by now, you may not know me very well.

London blog coming next and I shall try to upload all my photos of my travel, or the best ones, to Facebook as soon as I return home or anytime I can. Thank you all who keep up with me through here, it means a lot!

Till next time,

Lydia, The Dog Lover


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