Weekly Progress Report

Spring Break is over and you know what that means? Back to work, sadly. We have just recently been starting on our new project that is a step further than our last project. We are using the same skills of researching, knowing our audience, but this time taking it further and adding social media to it and adding in focus groups.

My partner and I are very similar in that we are more introverted than extroverted and we wanted to come up with a project that would be something my partner and I would actively look for if it were us. Introverts like to listen more than they like to speak, but sometimes they really want to help, but not front and center. Being an introvert on a college campus can be tough when it comes to being in class, interacting with classmates or teachers and just in general.

As of right now, partner and I are putting together a survey to be taken by kids on MTSU’s campus to better help us understand our audience. We have come with a suitable amount of questions we believe will help us get to know our audience better and get to know them a little better.

This new project is a step up from our last project which is good and bad. It is good in a sense that we are building on skills we already have learned, however, it is bad in the sense that is our final project and shall take a lot of time to work on and finish which can be stressful as it comes close to the end of the year in terms of finals and such.

More to come as life goes on!





Week 3-6 Summary Post

It has been a while since my last posting to my website and for that, I am truly sorry. Ever since school started back, everything has been really crazy in the world, personally, and academically. Having said this, here is a summary or recap of what has been going in my Audience & Messages class since my latest post.

My partner and I decided to do our Audience & Persuasion posts regarding his topic of religion. We wanted to go for an audience in Murfreesboro since we both attend school here, and decided to go outwards from there. We decided through demographic research that we wanted our target audience to be 25-34-year-old Caucasian females, who are married with one or more kids, and that identifies as a Christian or more specifically, Evangelical Christian. Once we found the desired demographics regarding our audience, we then decided we wanted to create a persona so we could better visualize our audience.

We then created “Carol Higgins” as our persona’s name. We created psychographics about Carol based on our research and also to better see how to interact with our audience in the best way based on their psychographic information. For example, we said that Carol loves posting photos of her 3 children on Facebook to show her friends and family how they’re doing. She also loves chatting with her friends and keeping up their lives on Facebook as well. Therefore, instead of going with our other possible platforms of reaching our audience such as radio, or television, we decided based on our research, and Carol’s persona, we decided that Facebook would be our best option. We created a fake church page called New Directions Community Church located in Murfreesboro, created solely for our project, and posted things we believed this specific church would post about. We also created an event, a ladies bible study, that we believed would be advertised to Carol if she were scrolling through Facebook, and used persuasive language in posting about the event that would encourage Carol and other women like her to come.

We presented our project this past Tuesday, and I believe we did well. However, this next project we are doing for class is way more complicated in terms of research. I am looking forward to becoming better at researching an audience and marketing towards them, but big projects like this scare me in terms of the amount of work and also the amount of stress they carry. However, Spring Break is coming, and that for now, is the shining light at the end of the tunnel right now.


Week 2 Progress

This week in class we discussed other topics related to our audience and how to identify them whether as numbers or as individuals. We discussed the difference between demographics and psychographics as well. Demographics being the easiest way to group your targeted audience by knowing key pieces of information such as age, ethnicity, sex, income, size of family, religion, geographical location, social media usage, and other such examples. However, psychographics looks beyond numbers to try and uncover what the audience is thinking, feeling, their attitudes, lifestyles, and motivations are. Demographics are much easier to find as a company than psychographics because psychographics you need to understand each member of your audience as individuals instead of numbers and statistics like in demographics.

We also this week in class discussed how audiences can receive certain messages from the media. For example, War of the Worlds came on the radio and caused a mass panic because everyone who listened to the radio believed they were indeed being attacked by aliens, this is an example of the “Hypodermic Needle” effect. Media messages are received by the audience and accepted, because at the time, the radio was their main source of entertainment and information.

However, as we continue through this class of Media and Messages, maybe I will be able to come up with a clearer way to describe my major and try to understand what part of communications I believe best goes along with my personal skills as a content creator.

Media and Messages – Week 1

2017 has begun! I am still furthering my education in what exactly it takes to be a New Media Communications major at MTSU, and also trying to figure out what path within communications I would like to pursue a career in. I have had Todd O’Neill as a professor before and thoroughly enjoyed his teaching so I am excited to be in his class again this year. Media and Messages is a class both Todd and I believe everyone should take because the majority of what we are learning can pertain to any field of study since communication in any field is very important. This first week we have already discussed audiences and persuasion and how these two subjects are interconnected. Audiences are very important in any field because you need to be very aware of who you are speaking to as part of a company or even a small business,  and you need to know who you are trying to reach and what your audience needs from you as a company.

I have been told that my major, New Media Communications, may actually no longer be called that in the distant future, however, I cannot remember the other name MTSU plans on calling it. I have enjoyed what classes I have had at MTSU regarding New Media, but I am also unsure exactly how to describe what my major is in fact about truth be told. I am wondering what I,as a potential content creator, want to pursue as a career in the communications field. And that is where the uncertainty settles in because communications as a major provides an array of opportunities for employment because our environment is ever changing with new job possibilities, however, because technology is ever increasing along with people’s vast ability to be self-taught in certain skills, the job market could potentially shrink.